Romany WG is a one-off in the world of photography – a visionary artist taking images in extreme, unique and beautiful places. He studied fine art and became a feature film editor, before seriously turning to exploring abandoned places in 2008. Since then Romany WG has been at the forefront of the underground community of Urban exploration or ‘Urbex’.

His underground legendary Urbex status was confirmed when he published a collective book, ‘Beauty in Decay’, in which 49 international Urbex photographers show the best of their work. He followed this with ‘Out of Sight’ which displays a collection of his most beautiful images of street art found in abandoned places across Europe. ‘Altered Images’ focuses on emerging contemporary artists working at the cutting edge of post-production image creativity today and ‘Burn After Reading’ showcases the very best street art and graffiti. His latest book was “Beauty in Decay ll’ a follow up to the first volume with 192 pages of his own photographs.

ALL IS NOT LOST has been five years in the making and elevates Romany WG’s work to a new level. Working with a select group of extraordinarily fearless models, his photographs capture a different kind of beauty in abandoned buildings. These are poses of passion, strength, softness, sometimes humour. Women whose beauty works both in contrast and harmony to backdrops of forgotten industry, dying chateaus, decrepit hospitals, raw nature. These exceptional and moving photographs of female beauty and power distil the essence of defiance against the ravages of time and open a new chapter in Urbex photography.